Lumberjack Apps

My Brand of apps and games.

This is my seventh game, and I made it to take a break from a long term VR game I was working on. It took only a few weeks to make, and it was released in late July to early September of 2019. It’s a pretty fun arcade game, but for some reason there’s a bug that prevents it from getting harder at the end that I only realized when I shipped! 😝


This is my fifth game (released January 2019), and although I released it after_ong, it was actually started a little while before it! The concept is simple—use your skills of balance to keep the ball going through the incoming holes and pipes!


This is my seventh application, and fourth game (released September 2018)! It’s a game based on the old classic Pong, but in this case it can be played with up to 4 human/PC players. It was the second game I tried tested on the market with Voodoo. It did much better than Box Bomber, but still has ways to go to be a hit. I’m slowly getting there!

It used to be on the Apple App Store, but it got removed for a minor offense in updated App Store terms in late 2021. It probably had to do with leaderboards, but I never got around to fixing it, so it hasn’t been put back up.

This is my sixth application (third game)! It’s an arcade game. I started it’s development in around May 2017, and mostly finished it in about November of the same year. I then put it on hold for a  while to work on other things, and then I turned 18 tested it with Voodoo, one of the best iOS publishers. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a success, but I’m still proud of it!

This is the first game I’ve ever made in a game jam, and it was actually really fun (I also learnt how to program A* pathfinding during the development of this game). It’s a simple Nintendo NES themed bullet hell with procedural dungeons.

The game was made in one weekend, from the night of Friday May 18th 2018 to 1am Monday 21st May 2018. Since then, it’s gone through a few updates, but it probably isn’t drastically different from it’s original state. Please do check out it’s page (you can use the button below). It’s also available on GitHub.

Dimension Dash was my third completed application, and my first game. I released it in the last week of 2016. It’s was an 8-bit infinite running game based off Sonic characters. It became a huge success, gaining over 20,000 active players withing the first year of release. It became a top game in Brazil (being #150 in the top free arcade game list at one point) and had a lot of positive reviews.
I released 2.0 update in July 2017 that enabled players to but new characters and dimensions, as well as share their scores with the world. 

I had a lot of plans for this game, like making a system to allow for custom characters, but alas I can’t spend all my time on one game. So, I decided to make the game open-source and see if the community could help improve the game. No contributors yet, but I’m still optimistic!

Unfortunately, in September 2018, Dimension Dash was removed from the Google Play Store after a DMCA complaint from SEGA. I no longer have access to it’s performance statistics from Google, but I estimate it had about 750k downloads and 20k active users at the time. If you’d like access to the game, you’ll now have to check Github.


This is my second app, and is made for those who love Marvel and /or DC comics. The truth is, it’s not that easy to learn about their lesser-known (yet still very interesting) characters, so I made this app as a solution. It teaches the user about one DC/Marvel obscure character once a day for over 6 months, no internet or subscription required.

I hope to release it to Google Play soon, but for now it has to be cleared of some copyright formalities.

You can, however get the APK (that’s basically the raw app) from the link below. You’ll have to install it yourself, but that’s really easy to learn off the internet.

Daily Hero Page


Primus was my first ever app – I made it while I was still learning the ropes! It is an arithmetic app that can calculate prime numbers, prime factors and find up to the Xth prime and other handy calculations. It’s not a very special application, but in its last update I increased its speed to the point where it can find 15,000 primes in just about 10 seconds!

I made a much more powerful PC version of Primus, which is available on GitHub!