"Not all who wander are lost"

Welcome! Here you will find miscellaneous projects I have done over the years that don’t fall under any other project umbrellas I have.

In the summer of 2021 (my sophomore summer), I interned at Amazon. I wrote a post about that experience here!

In Late 2020 (September to December), I was a Product Manager and Lead Developer for a team of 6 (including me) Develop for Good volunteers working on a CARE International experimental project.
The project is called Your Choice Your Future (abbreviated YCYF), and it is an extension of CARE’s Chomoka initiative.
YCYF is a platform that enables Tanzanian farmers to gain some insight into potential investment decisions to aid in their agriculture. Producers and market analysis input investment options (and some statistics about them) onto YCYF’s web dashboard, and the farmers and interact with that information and how it intersects with their own unique circumstances via a USSD interface.

The Room was a VR game that I was making from March 2019 to June 2019 with Unity. It was a really interesting project that introduced me to many concepts in 3D gaming environments. Lighting is hard 😅!

The game had three stages, with the third stage being a boss battle. Most of the game is done, but I decided to discontinue the project due to a lack of motivation (the last 20% takes the most 80% you know!). The source code (along with a completion checklist) is available on Bitbucket.

CS EE World

CE EE World is a website I made shortly after I graduated the IB Diploma Programme (2019). In the IBDP, students have to write a research paper called the Extended Essay (abbreviated EE). I did my EE in Computer Science, and there was a serious lack of sample EEs in CS on the internet to guide me. So, I made CS EE World to be the Internet’s largest collection of free CS EE samples. It hosts EEs donated by previous students, including my own 🙂

From early 2018 to early 2019, I made a mobile application for Ghana’s public pension organization (their short name is SSNIT). I collaborated with their professional developers, and it was an interesting experience. Somewhat unsurprisingly, I wasn’t able it publish it with them – their work didn’t allow them to give enough attention to the app. It was fully functional though! It had pension calculators, GPS maps showing SSNIT branches and providing directions, and other things too.
You can try in on Appetize.io, if you like.

This is a little playable experience about my journey into creativity that I made for the Vanderbilt Curb Scholarship semi-finals. It was made from March 10th to March 13th (2019).
The source is available on Github, and there’s also an executable version here.

This is a procedural 3D terrain mesh that I created in 2018. It uses perlin noise as it’s backbone, and allows the user to create custom biomes for their own needs!
The source is available on Bitbucket.

This was my entry for Brackey’s 2018 10 Minute Game Challenge (where you were supposed to make a game from scratch in 10 minutes)
Source is available on GitHub.