Anderson Addo's previous projects

I’ve done a number of things over the years; here are the things that are worthy of mention!

Some of these projects have also been open-sourced on Github.

My resume is also available for downloadMy resume is generally updated less often than the site.

A startup I founded and worked on for 2 years. Here’s some info about our stack, and some press coverage we got! I’ve written about my experience and lessons running the startup.

My past (and present) internships and jobs. Yup, these are the things society paid me to do.

Here’s all the other software-related projects that I couldn’t really categorize.  Internships, collabs, experiments, and others. They’re also awesome!

‘ve done some interesting CS research and class projects at Brown University. Give them a gander.

My brand of apps, game and standalone software from high school.

I also design posters, shirts, advertisements and programs. My design portfolio is on